Swedish flame retardant innovation receives patent approval in the US


Paxymer AB’s patent for a novel, halogen-free, non-toxic flame retardant system is now approved in the US. Paxymer® is a modern flame retardant innovation, designed to synergistically interact with existing halogen-free systems. The patent approval within such a thoroughly scrutinized industry is of great importance and a big break-through for the Swedish company Paxymer AB.

The patent verifies Paxymer®’s unique technology and opens up the possibilities for international collaborations.

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New flame-retardant masterbatches for polypropylene pipes and polycarbonate sheets

Tosaf  company says its new range of “Low Smoke Zero Halogen” (LSZH) flame-retardant masterbatches contains as few halogens as possible, minimising the formation of harmful smoke and corrosive gases in the case of fire. The masterbatches are particularly suitable for PP corrugated pipes, Tosaf said, adding that they offer improved dripping behaviour, reduced burning times, high reproducibility of flame-retardant properties and improved dispersion in the polymer matrix.
Tosaf also introduced its “FR3997PC” masterbatch, earmarked for the extrusion of PC sheets used in building applications. Aside from high transparency, minimized haze and high light transmittance, the company says the grade is also highly efficient, adding that PC sheets equipped with FR3997PC meet the demands of UL94 VO at 1.6 mm and comply with American ASTM and Russian GOST standards for burning behaviour. Sheets containing this masterbatch can easily be extruded on conventional equipment, Tosaf said. (Ref:http://www.plasteurope.com/news/TOSAF_t217692)

TOSAF : http://www.tosaf.com/imgs/uploads/News/Tosaf%20Flame%20Retardant%20E.pdf

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