Fire and Polymers


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Post Doctoral position- Fire REsistaNce of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems”

Place: Institut Pprime (UPR 3346 CNRS), ISAE-ENSMA, Téléport 2, 1 Avenue Clément Ader, BP 40109, 86961 Futuroscope Chasseneuil cedex, France

Dates: 4th january – 30th june 2020 (6 months). Possibly to continue in CORIA Rouen

Context: Due to current thermal regulations (RT 2012 and 2020), external thermal insulation (ETI) has been developed extensively (with two types: ventilated cladding and composite systems of external thermal insulation, ETICS). This potentially translates into an increase in the fuel mass and fire propagation on the facades, with regard to the insulation materials used (PE, EPS, PIR, PUR), generally derived from plastic. The consequence is the emergence of strong external flames, for which the spreading can be enhanced by the combustible load on the facade. In this context, one of our objectives will then be to characterize the ignition as well as the flame propagation processes in the specific case of the facade situation. Considering those different elements, part of the project will be dedicated to the study of ETICS and ventilated systems: -The experimental characterization of the thermal decomposition of materials used, the development of new and performant models of pyrolysis and their validation at increasing scale. -The experimental study of the ignition process of the materials used, and for representative conditions of facades, for the development and the validation of representative key parameters and models. -The experimental investigation of the thermal exchange (radiation and convection) between the flame and the combustible facade, for the development of more realistic radiative models and laws of walls. -The experimental investigation of thermal exchange and flow characteristics in ventilated system when submitted to a fire. In particular, the amount of pyrolysis gases transported in the air layer and their contribution to fire propagation. more information: click here Subject-Post-Doctoral position – ANR FRENETICS

3rd ECOFRAM conference


The topics of the event will be the following:

Sustainable FR additives

Biobased and biodegradable FR polymers and composites

Global life cycle approaches

Fire safety regulation and ecological issues

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