Competitiveness and synergy between three flame retardants

Competitiveness and synergy between three flame retardants in poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)


This work seeks to address the effect of simultaneous use of three flame retardants, having three different modes of action, (magnesium hydroxide, expanded and expandable graphite) on the thermal degradation and flame retardancy of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate). Thermal conductivity of samples was measured in order to investigate the effect of the use of expanded and expandable graphite on the time-to-ignition and the peak of heat release rate in cone calorimeter test. Thermal shielding performances of chars were studied as well. It was found that there is an optimum ratio between expanded and expandable graphite in order to control thermal conductivity and therefore fire properties. Some correlations were also found between the char thickness and the first peak of heat release rate. Read more: click here



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