New approaches to the development of fire-safe materials

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Authors: Alexander B. Morgan, Jeffrey W. Gilman, Marc Nyden, and Catheryn L. Jackson.


Thermoplastic polyetherimide-clay nanocomposites were synthesized from 1,3-phenylenediamine and bisphenol A dianhydride using an in situ approach. Two types of organically treated clays were utilized to synthesize these nanocomposites. The two organically treated clays were montmorillonite clays treated with the ammonium salts of n-dodecylamine or 12-amino-1-dodecanoic acid. The dispersion of the clay in the polyetherimide was analyzed by wide-angle X-ray scattering and transmission electron microscopy. The results showed that the clay treated with the ammonium salt of 12-amino-1-dodecanoic acid gave a well-dispersed intercalated nanocomposite while the clay treated with the ammonium salt of n-dodecylamine gave a well-dispersed immiscible blend. Read more: click here



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