BACKDRAFT : A deflagration resulting from the sudden introduction of air into a confined space containing oxygen deficient products of incomplete combustion
BI-DIRECTIONAL FLOW / NEUTRAL PLANE: Where smoke/hot gases (HIGHER PRESSURE) are exhausting out of the top of the vent opening and it is drawing a current of cooler/fresh air (LOWER PRESSURE) in through the bottom of the opening which creates a neutral plane.
CONDUCTION: The transfer of heat from the direct contact of a solid of higher temperature to a solid of lower temperature….

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Performance PIN FR polyamides for railways and E&E

Source: Pinfa-N°53

Nilit Plastics, a world leader in polyamides, has launched a new range of high performance PIN flame retardant compounds. The non-halogenated FRIANYL® A3 and B3 range are certified to the new European railway specification EN 45545, class H3 – the highest safety level and are V0 or V2. The formulation ensures low smoke density in case of fire. The non-halogenated FRIANYL® XT grades are UL 94 V-0 at 0.75mm, are self-extinguishing. They can respect operating temperatures up to 130°C or 140°C, offer high stiffness and strength. The new PIN compounds are available with glass fibre reinforcement or unfilled and are adapted for electrical and electronic applications, such as isolators, transformers, circuit breakers and contactors.

High performance flame retardant compounds – Meeting new European railway fire protection regulations – Nilit Plastics
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