ICL to close flame-retardant producing line in Israel plant

http://www.chemicals-technology.com: 5 May 2015

ICL Industrial Products (ICL IP), an operating segment of Israel Chemical, is set to close its Israeli flame-retardant production facility. According to the company, the decision to close the line, which produces FR-1210 (DECA) product, comes as customers look to alternative suppliers.

The company previously decided to increase its R&D efforts to develop new alternatives to FR-1210 that are recommended by company-developed Systematic Assessment of Flame-Retardant (SAFR) tool. The decision to discontinue production has been announced as customers are opting for competitive products from suppliers, including Chinese producers.

In order to phase out of its FR-1210 activities, the segment proposes to remain committed to the flame retardant business and plans to collaborate with all of its customers. In November 2014, ICL IP began chemical processing at its Israel manufacturing plant for the production of FR-122P polymeric flame-retardants. Expected to produce 10,000t of flame-retardants a year, the plant complements the company’s existing facility located in the Netherlands.

ICL said that this flame-retardant will replace the segment’s HBCD flame retardant product, which is used in EPS / XPS insulation foams at present. Manufacturing various industrial chemicals based on bromine, magnesia, chlorine and salts, ICL IP supplies one-third of the world’s elemental bromine.

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