Emerging “new” Brominated flame retardants in flame retarded products and the environment

Current State of Knowledge and Monitoring requirements

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Emerging “new” Brominated flame retardants in flame retarded products and the environment

Brominated flame retardants are a group of chemicals that inhibit combustion. They are extensively used in electrical and electronic equipment, transport equipment, building materials, paint and insulation foams. However, many of the brominated flame retardants have undesirable effects on the environment and on human health. Therefore it is a nationnal target to substantially reduce the release of five prioritized brominated flame retardants before 2010 and completely eliminate the discharge of these five substances before 2020. The overall aim of this study is to perform a review of the current state of the knowledge on emerging “new” brominated flame retardants. This includes the use of the selected substances, environmental levels, data on toxicity and ecotoxicity, potential to bioconcentrate and bioaccumulate in the food web, analytical possibilities, potential for long range transport and their persistence in the environment. Further, this information is used to select compounds that based on the current knowledge can be relevant for further monitoring.

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