Predicting SBI test results on the basis of cone calorimeter data

The most important Euroclass test method for products with a non-negligible contribution to fire is the Single Burning Item (SBI) test. Correlation between the results of the SBI test and the cone calorimeter is an issue of great interest. The cone calorimeter is a well-established and acknowledged test method, and it requires only a small amount of specimen material. Even though the official classification of products in Europe is made on the basis of the SBI test results, the cone calorimeter can be a useful tool for product development and quality control. Several modelling approaches on the prediction of heat release and classification in the SBI test have been published. Many models predict well the performance of untreated wood products in the SBI tests, but fire retardant treated wood has proven problematic in several cases. An application of a model, developed especially for fire retardant treated wood products, is presented below… Read more: click here

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