Flammability and Thermal Stability of Cross-linked Polyethylene

Article- Publication Date: January 28, 2014-  Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Effect of Functionalized Graphene Oxide with Hyper-branched Flame Retardant on Flammability and Thermal Stability of Cross-linked Polyethylene


In this work, GO was functionalized by a hyper-branched flame retardant, which was synthesized by the reaction of N-aminoethyl piperazine and di(acryloyloxyethyl)methylphosphonate. Subsequently, the resultant functionalized GO (FGO) was incorporated into the cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) to enhance the flame retardancy of the matrix. TEM images indicated that FGO exhibited uniform dispersion in XLPE matrix and strong adhesion with the matrix by cross-linking, which improved barrier effect due to reduced heat release and the free radical transfer between the matrix and graphene nano-sheets. The incorporation of FGO into XLPE matrix endowed polymer composites with flame retardancy and thermal stability. In addition, the homogeneous dispersion of functionalized GO with hyper-branched flame retardant in the polymer matrix improved the anti-oxidation and mechanical properties of XLPE-FGO nanocomposites compared to the XLPE-GO samples, demonstrated through the oxidative induction temperature and time test, oven aging test and mechanical test. Read more: here

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