Comparison of HFFR Jacket Compound Solutions: Polyolefin vs. TPE

The wire and cable industry continues to research and develop new plastics materials that are halogen-free, flame retardant, and produce low acid gas and smoke generation during combustion. Metal hydrate filled polyolefins (MHPOs) are an important compound technology that meet these requirements, but due to the high flame retardant concentrations required to achieve high flame test performance, they are high density, possess high melt viscosities which make them challenging to process, and exhibit low elongations at break.

This paper compares the performance of a commercial MHPO compound to that of two new thermoplastic elastomer compounds, each formulated with a different intumescent flame retardant system (IFR-TPEs). Test results show that both new grades pass the UL-1581 VW-1 and Cable Flame tests on 18 AWG wire, they exhibit high elongation at break, low density and low melt viscosity. Download pdf 


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