Formulation and fire behaviour of bio-based composites- Ph.D. Thesis Defence- 8 November 2013

Gaelle Dorez will defend her PhD thesis entitled: Formulation and fire behaviour of bio-based composites

Date: 8 November 2013

Location: Ecole des Mines d’Alès- France


The environmental awareness in the society is increasing and leads to a strong demand in material from renewable resources, such as biocomposites. The thermal sensitivity and the flammability restrict their use for certain applications such as building. The fire safety regulation is of prime importance and requires adapted solutions to be found to improve the fire behavior of these materials.

In this context, we have studied the thermal degradation and the fire behavior of natural fibers and particularly the effect of its components on the fire behavior. Then, we studied the reactivity of four moieties (amine, carboxylic acid, alkoxisilane and phosphonic acid) on the natural fibers. The grafting characterization was carried out with original techniques based on thermal degradation. Then, we are interested on the thermal degradation and the fire behaviour of biocomposites. We studied the fire behaviour of biocomposite based on PBS and natural fibers varying different parameters such as the amount of fibers, the type of natural fibers and the influence of phosphonated fire retardants. Two fireproofing strategies have been tested: the addition in polymer matrix and the grafting on natural fibers of fire retardant. To go further in the fireproofing strategy by fire retardant grafting, we have compared the influence of the grafting of phosphonated  molecule versus phosphonated macromolecules on the fire behaviour of flax and PBS/flax biocomposite.

Keywords: biocomposites; natural fibers; surface modification; phosphonated compound; fire behavior.

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