Review on Current Geopolymer as a Coating Material

New article published in Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences.
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A world towards the concept of sustainable development and environment with low greenhouse gas emissions, zero waste and low energy consumption is an important endeavor. Geopolymer is an aluminosilicate materials occurred by dissolve it in highly alkaline solution then transform into tridimensional tecto-aluminosilicate materials. As an inorganic material, geopolymer has a potential in fire resistant and protective coating for different surfaces including metal and concrete due to their superior mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance properties. With an additional engineering design, in curing and sintering temperature, Si:Al ratio as well as additives used will improve the geopolymer coating properties. The present paper outlines br
iefly the potential ofgeopolymer as a coating material to bring the world towards a better future with a reduced carbon footprint.

Recent developments in flame retardant polymeric coatings

A new article published in Progress in Organic Coatings


This paper reviews the recent developments (last decade) in flame retardant polymeric coatings that mostly work by formation of conventional char (condensed phase) and or radical species in gas phase. Advancements in the method of application of such coatings on various substrates, problems of existing flame retardant coatings and new technological developments in terms of flame retardant chemistry are briefly discussed. This review focuses on various approaches in development of flame retardant coatings on various substrates i.e. incorporation of reactive and non-reactive organic compounds and organic/inorganic compounds (hybrid systems) based on metal, Si, P, N and halogens in suitable polymeric matrices and evaluation of their flame retardant characteristics using various analytical techniques.

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