Next event: Workshop-Degradation of fire-retarded polymers in environmental conditions- 24-26 September 2013- Mèze-France

The group “Degradation of organic materials and Fire behavior” of the Chemical Society of France offers a workshop focused on Degradation of fire-retarded polymers in environmental condition in order to :
– give people the basic knowledge in the domains of ageing and fireretardancy
– gather in a two days meeting two different communities with the aim of understanding the impact of environmental ageing of fireretarded polymers on the use properties of the polymeric material
– establish a bond between investigators in the various parts of the fields and to provoke a reflexion on future collaborative programs. The workshop will be organised on the basis of a four half-days meeting. Each session will be devoted to one-two peculiar aspects and will be introduced by general presentations followed by short presentations on recent results.
This workshop could be placed under the auspice of the MoDeSt Society.

Program: click here

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