First commercial-scale plant for production of Nofia™

Uhde Inventa-Fischer to build world’s first commercial-scale plant for the production of flame-retardant Nofia for FRX Polymers Europe, NV.June 12, 2013 –

The plant engineering and construction company, Uhde Inventa-Fischer, has won a turnkey contract to build the world’s first commercial-scale plant for production of Nofia, an inherently flame retarding polymer (polyphosphonate – PPhos) used as a blend component to impart flame retardancy to other host plastics, for the Belgian subsidiary of US-based FRX Polymers, Inc.. The plant will be located in Antwerp, Belgium, and will use FRX Polymers, Inc. proprietary, patented polycondensation process. This flame-retardant polymer, which will be marketed under the trademark Nofia, is ecofriendly, halogen-free, transparent and inherently flame-resistant, making it highly suited for use in the building, transportation as well as in the electronic and electrical industries. Source :

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