European Annual Progress Report 2012: VECAP

VECAP aims to reduce the potential for emissions of flame retardants by raising awareness of responsible substance management and by promoting environmental best practice, from producers to downstream users, in the workplace. Although this programme does not deal with potential emissions during the service life of products or after their disposal, the flame retardant industry is actively involved in end-of-life issues management…read more: click here

Highlights of 2012 report:

– Reduction of potential emissions for the three main brominated flame retardants, according to survey results from the last 5 years
– 93% of the volume sold by EFRA member companies covered by the programme
– Increased coverage for HBCD and further reduction of potential emissions to air and land
– TBBPA potential emissions remained consistent at the lowest achievable level
– 11 manufacturing and user sites now certified globally
– CEFIC awarded a commendation to the VECAP programme
– Everkem, an importer of flame retardants, joined the programme


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