New low-smoke and zero halogen compounds- Wire & Cable

Anixter : Even though they are still predominant in the industry, the use of halogenated compounds in wire and cable has decreased over the past several years. Polymers such as PVC are being phased out in certain applications, especially in enclosed, high-density cable applications. Relatively new low-smoke and zero (or low) halogen compounds, which are typically polyolefin based with a heavy doping of inorganic hydrated minerals, give off cleaner smoke when burned. This mineral doping also reduces certain physical properties so the wire and cable industry has attempted to develop low-smoke and halogen-free compounds that have the same or better functionality than the common halogenated compounds currently in use in industrial applications. However, it is important to understand that smoke production and halogen content are not mutually exclusive. Halogenated low-smoke compounds exist as do halogen-free compounds that are not low-smoke. It is always best to consult with wire and cable experts when choosing a cabling solution.

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