Burning questions

A workshop on alternative flame retardants

looking at flammability, applications, toxicity, exposure to life cycle assessment, 7-8 November 2012, Brussels, Belgium Deadline early registration October 15th, 2012

About the workshop

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together people that are working in the field of flame retardant substitution. Due to their persistent nature and toxicity some brominated flame retardants (BFRs), applied in a wide range of commercial products, need to be substituted by non-toxic substitutes. The workshop will focus on the substitution chain starting with the prioritization and selection of viable flame retardants, fire and product performance, to hazard characterization and exposure assessment, and finally to risk assessment and impact assessment. The workshop will also present and discuss findings obtained by the European 1st Announcement Union funded project ENFIRO, which has studied viable alternative flame retardants.

Pim Leonards
IVM – Institute for Environmental Studies
VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31 20 5989 573
email: pim.leonards@vu.nl

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