New Flame Retardant Foam Created

Woodbridge announced the development of a flame retardant foam, for a range of under-hood acoustical and thermal insulating applications, to meet increasingly stringent OEM needs. This new material represents a significant breakthrough in flammability performance for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) solutions, offering enhanced sound absorption and transmission loss properties, versus competing materials including metals and engineered fibres.

WhisperTech UL-94 V0 rated foams self extinguish, once exposed to an open flame, in both horizontal and vertical test protocols. This formulation can also be specifically engineered to meet specifications including; Coloring including black, Heat Aging, Humidity Aging and No-Drip performance.

WhisperTech foams can be fabricated in mechanically cut sheets, or molded into custom fit complex geometries, to meet exacting levels of acoustical performance. Domenic Sinopoli, Executive Director of Sales and General Manager StrataForm, The Woodbridge Group, states “WhisperTech UL-94 V0 rated, low density flexible urethane formulations are used to balance cost and NVH performance requirements, for Hood Liners and Dash Insulators. This solution also offers excellent thermoforming performance, using a variety of face materials to optimize the finished product.”

Pejman Hashemi, WhisperTech NVH Solutions Product Manager, The Woodbridge Group, notes “These extreme flame retardant formulations, are available for a wide range of molded components in contact with the engine such as: Beauty Covers and various acoustical insulators for Manifolds, Valve and Cam Covers, Fuel Rails, Air Intakes and Pumps. Additionally, these products can integrate fasteners and mounting brackets for ease of assembly.”


Pejman Hashemi, WhisperTech™ NVH Solutions Product Manager The Woodbridge Group®


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