Flame Resistant Transparent Resin Technology collaboration REQUEST

A major materials US manufacturer seeks joint development partners for technologies to make resins incombustible in order to develop flame-resistant transparent resins. They are interested in joint development, technology licensing.

Closing date: 01/07/2012


Technologies that increase the flame resistance of polymeric materials have been sought for many years, as ease of burning is an intrinsic shortcoming of polymers. Various technologies for flame resistance have been developed, but no technologies have been implemented that confer a high degree of flame resistance while maintaining the transparency of resin. The client, who manufactures construction materials (e.g. roofing materials and windows) already has strong market penetration, and if the desired material was realized, it will be possible to enter the market quickly. The goal is to implement incombustible transparent resins ahead of other companies.

Anticipated approaches include, but are not necessarily limited to the following and wide-ranging proposals will be accepted:

-Using flame retardants or incombustible materials as additives

-Surface treatment of polycarbonate that make it incombustible.

Elemental technologies that enable transparency as well as incombustibility in a long term are also anticipated.

The following approaches are not under consideration at the present time:

-The use of toxic substances or the use of materials that generate toxic substances

-Technologies that cannot be applied to making polycarbonates flame resistant.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:

The client is developing polycarbonate materials that are incombustible or highly flame resistant for the purpose of realizing polycarbonate plates

(thickness: 2mm to 6mm) that can be used in place of glass plates as construction materials. In particular, the client is seeking innovative technologies

for conferring incombustibility or flame resistance that can solve the current issues of low light transmittance and the difficulty in producing thick films.

Desired flame-resistant resin materials:

-Resin: polycarbonate

-Thickness of the resin layer: 2mm to 6mm

-Flame resistance (safety Cone calorimeter method: according to ISO 5660-1 standard):

Total Heat Release under external heat flux of 50 KW/m² for 20 min: <8MJ/m²

Peak Heat Release Rate of >200 KW/m²: never continue for >10 sec

-Transparency: as high as possible

Light transmittance >60%

Haze: <5%

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