Recyclability Comparison:HIPS containing GreenArmor™ and Commercial PC/ABS containing RDP

The recycle evaluations performed on HIPS containing Earthwise™ GreenArmor.™
With the importance of electronics and electrical equipment (EEE) end-of-life (EOL), comes research to determine the viability of various EOL options. For flame retardant plastics used in EEE applications, mechanical recycle, feedstock recovery (for brominated flame retardant systems), and waste-to-energy recovery are all acceptable options. Mechanical recycle of plastics from EEE applications is growing in importance. This growth results in materials for use in the original or in downgraded applications, depending on the thoroughness of sorting, dismantling, identification, and shredding of large parts.
GreenArmor and all Earthwise products are committed to the principles of green chemistry where the entire life cycle of a product from design and innovation, to minimizing the use of raw materials and energy, through the manufacturing process and down to the final stages of recycling or reusing commercial by-products are addressed.
The recycle evaluations performed on HIPS containing Earthwise GreenArmor and commercial PC/ABS containing resorcinol diphenyl phosphate (RDP). pdf format of Albemarle report: Click HERE

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