What’s more important: saving lives and property or the planet? Now you can do both!

Introducing Earthwise™ (PDF file), a breakthrough flame retardant technology that saves lives, protects property and is eco-friendly.

GreenArmor is a top performance fire safety alternative for broad resin application profiles. This solution is non-toxic, recyclable and nonbioaccumulative, meaning the chemical is too large to be absorbed by the body or animal life.
GreenArmor is a highly stable product that lends itself to efficient recycling of plastics.

GreenArmor is an eco-friendly solution compared to many flame retardants currently on the market, while maintaining the premium performance product attributes.

All Earthwise products demand a more rigorous focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. In order for a product to be introduced under the Earthwise label, it must exceed sustainability and eco-friendliness criteria, above and beyond the standards set for existing commercial products. Those criteria include bioaccumulation, toxicity, recycle capability, carbon footprint and other critical environmental metrics.

GreenArmor is non-bioaccumulative and recyclable.
GreenArmor is an innovative solution that is organically based rather than mineral-based. It is a polymer, which means the chemical is too large to be absorbed by the body or animal life. GreenArmor exists in a pelletized form, rather than in powder form; as a result, when used by manufacturers, its emissions are much lower.

GreenArmor is designed to be an environmentally preferred product. The highly stable nature of product lends itself to efficient recycling of the plastics that use it. Accordingly, the discharge of poisonous fumes to the environment during product recycling phase is minimized. (source: click here)

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