Building the Future for Flame Retardants in E&E

PINFA: In 2009 and 2010, the Phosphorus, Inorganic & Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association (pinfa) organised workshops on “Green Electronics & Innovative Flame Retardants” for the E&E value chain in Brussels,Belgium. The objective of the workshops was to begin a constructive network where manufacturers ofalternative flame retardant technologies could interact with direct users along the supply chain as well asother stakeholders such as regulators and environmental groups. These workshops made a big steptowards fostering mutual understanding along the supply chain on the differen needs and drivers and identified the key issues for flame retardants: how to approach the future of flame retardancy and how to improve the communication throughout the supply chain.

Pinfa would like to invite you to its 3 rd  E&E Workshop. The idea of having this workshop in Asia is to go tothe manufacturing hub of electronics in order to discuss technology, needs and trends with key players. In addition, an update on developments in Europe and America will be presented. The day will provide attendees with the opportunity to debate key questions on flame retardants with representatives from manufacturers of flame retardants, compounders, electronic manufacturers, regulators, environmental groups and electronics associations.

Where? TPCA Offices, No.147, Sec. 2, Gaotie N. Rd., Dayuan, Taoyuan 33743, Taiwan 

When? Tuesday, 8th November 2011, 8:30 – 17:15 h

Cost? A fee of 90 USD / 2600 NT$ is charged to cover meeting costs

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