Sixth International Conference on Composites In Fire

9 – 10 June 2011, Newcastle University,  UK

The Composites in Fire conferences exist to transfer understanding, technology and research results from major programmes from three continents, Europe, USA and Australia, to industry.

Since CIF-5, which was held in 2008, substantial progress has taken place in testing and modelling the problem of the fire resistance of composite structures. There have also been important changes in the methods used to achieve low heat release and improved fire resistance. Important research has also taken place to fairly compare the fire behaviour of composites with other lightweight construction materials, including aluminium. It is the purpose of CIF-6 to report this progress and transfer the technologies and techniques developed to industry. The programme will include ‘Fire Resistance and Fire Reaction in Composites: New Developments’; ‘Technology Transfer: Marine and Aerospace’; ‘Multi-Scale Modelling of Materials and Structures in Fire’; ‘Materials Selection and Materials Comparisons’. Read more : click here

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