Demand for innovative flame retardants-China



Pinfa Newsletter-march2011 :   A market study indicates that the demand for low-smoke, halogen-free polypropylene (PP) is continuing to increase in China, for uses such as electrical equipment manufacture (40%), cables (30%), automobile inte-rior parts, technical packaging and furniture. The market for halogen-free plastics in China is around RMB 610 million (30 000 tonnes), of which around one third is imported. The total market has increased +10% per year since 2008 and is expected to continue to rise. The market report analyses China’s low-smoke, halo-gen-free flame retardant PP industry, its growth and predicted trends, and summarises the main PIN technologies for manufacturing low-smoke halogen-free polypropylene, based on inorganic metals, expandable graphite, organic silicon, phosphorus and halogen-free intumescents.


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