BASF to launch new textile-FR

As a leading supplier of additives and pigments for the nonwoven industry, BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio of heat and light stabilizers such as Chimassorb and Uvinul , a range of Irgaguard antimicrobial additives, as well as an assortment of Heliogen blue and green pigments. At this year’s Index, BASF will be presenting the innovative technology Irgatec CR 76 for nonwoven production. This technology enables converters to adapt material properties to the specific requirements, for example to make use of more cost efficient raw materials or to convert in-house nonwoven scrap to high-quality nonwoven. Another focus in BASF’s portfolio for nonwoven manufacturers is the halogen-free flame retardant Flamestab NOR 116 which is said to combine flame retardancy and light stability in one molecule. One area of application for Flamestab NOR 116 is in textiles for roofing.  ( source: click here)


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