Prof. Menachem Lewin Passed Away

Prof. Menachem Lewin Passed Away at the age of 92 in Jerusalem. Prof. Lewin founded the  Association for Textile Research and developed new uses for bromine which is found in large quantities at the Dead Sea. He published 175 scientificIn 1990, Lewin founded the journal, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, published by Wiley. He also organized many international conferences such as Polymers for Advanced Technologies and Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials. Lewin won many awards and much recognition including the Geneva University Habif Award for outstanding cellulose research in 1959, honorary citizenship of the city of Jerusalem in 1993, the Founders Award of the International Fiber Society in 2005, and the Semplen Award from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2005. papers and 20 books on chemistry and technology of polymers and fibers.

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