2nd International Conference on Flame Retardants

15 – 16 May 2011, Guangzhou, China

In the light of the recovery of world economy and flame retardant markets, the 2nd International Conference on Flame Retardants: Requirements, Challenges and Innovations will give a comprehensive overview of the drivers regarding new developments in fire safety, flame retardants, and advanced applications in the key technologies of building industry, transportation, electrical engineering and electronics (E&E) sectors. The main drivers are the growing international demand for flame retarded products as a consequence of more stringent fire safety and environmental requirements, and new approaches to sustainability (electro mobility and photovoltaics, green electronics, adapted flame retardants). The conference aims at helping all those involved in the fire safety of polymers to identify the main changes and trends on the flame retardants markets and to develop adequate strategies for today and tomorrow.

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