Innovation in Cable Filler for the Wire & Cable Industry

Web Industries, Inc. announced the release of its new line of Zero Halogen – Flame Retardant (ZHFR) SUPERBULKĀ® cable filler. (Read more: pdf foramat)

New products of ICI inc.

Innovative Composites International Inc. (IC:TSX-V) (“ICI” the “Company“), announced that it has filed provisional patent applications on two advanced fire retardant products.

Fire Retardant Resin/Additive. This non-toxic, bromide and halogen-free fire retardant product can be utilized as an additive to be incorporated into polymers, rubbers, foams and other synthetic materials. This eco-friendly compound replaces harmful brominated organic compounds, phosphorous, or other environmentally hazardous materials that are being used in the industry today. Applications include enhancement of the fire retardant properties of ICI’s thermoplastic products and a wide variety of stand alone applications in the fire safety industry.Ā 

Fire Retardant Binder. This advanced binder system can be utilized to bond a fire retardant agent to a variety of composite and textile materials in order to create durable protection. Applications include military, fire fighter and police uniforms, industrial and consumer products that are subject to fire safety codes and a variety of composite and conventional building products. (Ref : click here)

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