ECO Friendly Flame Retardant Bio-plastic

In recent years use of reproducible biomass based materials has been gaining popularity. Among this trend is use of bioplastic especially composites with polylactic acid that are being used in daily products such as fibers and utensils as well as such durable products as electronic equipment and automobiles. Having said that, the wide spread success of bioplastics in manufacturing of PCs and other advnced electronic equipment rests on development of advanced bioplastics that are highly flame retardant, durable with a high level of moldability. In response to such market demand NEC made an announcement on development of an ECO friendly flame retardant bioplastic. The newly material Nucycle (TM) which is made mainly from biomass based polymer is expected to help on reducing both oil resource exhaustion as well as CO2 emission issues according to the company. The new material includes more than 75% of botanical organic element. The new material offers life cycle CO2 emission which is 50% of existing PC/ABS petroleum based plastic. The new flame retardant is free from halogenated flame retardant UL Standard V-0. NEC is planning to offer business PCs with this new bioplastcs within year 2010. (ref: Japan Technology Information)(

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