Fire in Vehicles Conference (Sept.29-30,2010,SWEDEN)

FIVE (Fires In Vehicles). The objective of this conference is to exchange knowledge of fires in vehicles, including both road and rail vehicles. In recognition of the fact that many of the fire problems faced by these vehicles are the same, the solutions to them can also be similar.

FIVE will bring together scientists, regulators, test engineers, industry, suppliers, insurance companies and other organisations from the diverse field of transportation to discuss important fire issues. We believe that this exchange of knowledge will significantly enhance economic and safe solutions – sustainable solutions – to problems in the fire area.

FIVE will be a biannual event, the first conference of which will take place September 29 – 30, 2010 in Gothenburg, SWEDEN. Gothenburg has been selected as the opening site for this event as it is the centre of the West Coast Region, the automotive science centre of Sweden.

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